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Protect your home and your future with the coverages you need!

Next to your family – your family home and it's contents may be your most precious and financially expensive assets! Having the right home insurance coverage to protect you and your home from unforseen circumstances, liabilities and incidents will give you peace-of-mind.

We will assess your property and and come up with a plan that covers you, your family and your financial future. We can determine the present value of your property and ensure that the replacement cost is covered in the future.

We will give you our best advise and options so you can decide what is the best package for your family and your budget.

“Your home is more than just a dwelling – it is an accummulation of assets over many years and probably your biggest asset - having it insured to cover any catastopic loss will give you "Peace–of–Mind".

What can be covered?

• Mortgage insurance - to insure your financial liabilities.
• Hail, theft and vandalism - to insure your home retains it's value.
• Liability - to insure you against any claims arising on your property.
• Fire or natural catastrophy - so you do not have to start over.

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