Auto, Homeowner, Tenant, Commercial and Farm Insurance

40 years in business with more than 200 years of experience.

We are a small Alberta Insurance Broker, providing a wide range of insurance services. Our philosophy is a simple one, we strive to provide the best possible insurance at the lowest possible rate, with superior customer service. Blazer Insurance was founded in Edmonton, since our inception in February 1978, we have serviced our customers and will continue to do so.

About our Philosophy

  • We believe that a highly satisfied customer is of the greatest importance to our continued success. This is expected of us and our reputation depends on it.
  • We believe that we have capable, cooperative and motivated co-workers who, working together, in a responsible manner, are the key to the attainment of our goals and to success of our business.
  • We believe that self-satisfaction and pride of accomplishment are of great importance to our co-workers and to our Company.
  • We will continue our efforts to provide resources and a working environment which best contribute to this and to the realization of our common goals.
  • We are proud of our outstanding reputation and of the high regard in which our Company is held.
  • We will strive to maintain and heighten this goodwill.
  • We are in business for the long term. We will always give greater consideration to long range goals as opposed to short term benefits. We hold that quality service is paramount to our business. We intend to do things well and will constantly strive to improve.
  • We will not be complacent, nor will we ever be completely satisfied that we cannot do better.
  • We believe that we must continue to be innovative, unique and distinctive in the things we do. We will emphasize these characteristics so that we will be a leader in the industry.
  • We will be aware of and responsive to changing consumer needs, trends and attitudes as they affect our business.
  • We welcome constructive ideas or changes, which will improve our business and will act responsively to implement them